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As the sun sets over [city], an already electric atmosphere takes off like a rocket as Street Style Fashion Week hits the town. An exciting coming together of sartorial delights, SSFW brings out the very best in street style, working with the top fashion bloggers, models, and stylists to bring us the newest and trendiest looks. From the eye-catching avant-garde designs to the effortlessly chic everyday gear, we can all take some inspiration from the unique outfits on display. Let’s take a look at the highlights of Street Style Fashion Week and get inspired to up our own fashion game.

Fashion Week sets the tone of upcoming seasons and this year’s Street Style edition had plenty of standout looks and trends that will be coming to the streets near you. We’ve compiled a few of the looks that will be taking over and giving your wardrobe a facelift!

1. Head-to-Toe Neutrals

Neutral shades are a timeless look that will never go out of style. From camel coats to beige trousers, all shades of neutral garments came strutting down the Street Style catwalk. A look that stands out while still looking effortless? Count us in!

2. Statement Masks

Masks have become a staple of 2020’s fashion scene, and this year’s Street Style fashion week saw them taking statement looks to a whole new level. From patterned floral to more muted colours, masks were seen in all sorts of styles.

3. Retro and Oversized

Oversized silhouettes were everywhere at Street Style Fashion Week, with jackets, shorts and sneakers all getting the extra-large treatment. Mint green and sunshine yellow were also seen across jackets, shoes and jumpers – bringing a touch of retro style back to the new season.

4. Laidback Layering

  • Puffer coats
  • Printed bandanas
  • Khaki greens
  • Unstructured tailoring

Layering is a great way to keep warm while also adding a chic look to your style. This year’s fashion week had plenty of puffer coats, printed bandanas, khaki greens and unstructured tailoring providing an effortless but laid-back look.

2. Bold Colors and Prints: Making a Statement

Bright and Colorful Choices

This season, the biggest statement you can make through your fashion choices is going for bright colors and bold prints. There’s a colorful palette for everyone, from earthy greens and browns, bright yellows and blues, and vivid pops of red and purple. You can choose to pick one bold color and make it the focus of your ensemble, or mix and match different hues and shades to create a look that radiates with personality and style.

Let your fashion do the talking with prints. Show off your bold side with statement florals or stripes, throw on some animal prints that make a statement, or even show some love for retro psychedelia. Whether it’s a classic leopard print or some bright candy stripes, you can get creative and see how much of a statement you can make. Experiment with mixing and matching some of your favourite prints as well to bring the look to life.

Outfit Building Tips

When curating an outfit with bold colors and prints, it’s important to remember to balance the look. Stick to one main color or print and let the rest of your accessories be more neutral. This will draw the attention to the colors and prints you want to make a statement with. It’s also a great idea to choose a few key accessories – from bold earrings to printed bags – to highlight the look across the outfit.

And don’t forget about details – a few strategically placed buttons, a bright belt, or even the pattern of your socks can all help tie the look of an outfit together and add to the overall impact of your style.

Looking Good

So this season, make your fashion statement through bold colors and prints. Step out of your comfort zone, mix and match some of your favourite hues and prints, and experiment with some creative statement accessories. Have fun, express yourself, and make sure the look works for you – that’s the key to style!

3. Stylish Accessorizing: Finishing Touches for Effortless Style

For many, fashion can be a struggle, a daunting task among a flurry of color palettes, hemlines, and trends. But fashion needn’t be a hardship, and accessorizing is the key to adding that extra edge to any outfit. From the more daring earrings to statement chokers, simple accessories can take ordinary ensembles and make them extraordinary.

Accessorizing starts with the classics, such as scarves. They’re a must-have for any fashion-savvy gal on the go. Not only are they the perfect way to add a splash of color for anyone bent on completing an ensemble, but they’re also a practical accessory for those cold winter months. Choose from a range of different prints, colors, and fabrics.

Jewelry is a superb way to finish off any look. Whether you’re aiming for the minimalism of a single statement choker or the more daring earrings, jewelry is easy to customize and perfect for the fashion-forward crowd.

  • Studs
  • Earrings
  • Clutches
  • Chokers
  • Tiny charm bracelets

This is where comfort meets style. From formal sandals to sneakers, shoes are a fundamental component in accessorizing your style. Opt for a heel if you’re aiming for something more formal, and throw on a pair of classic converses should you be in the mood for something more casual.

4. Taking Street Style Inspiration to the Next Level

Sartorial trends these days are heavily influenced by street style. Whether people are rocking logo tees, hoodies, or streetwear suits, this attire is slowly becoming commonplace. Going beyond simply wearing this style, however, requires a unique eye and method. Here are a few tips on adding some jazz to your streetwear:.

  • Embrace risk-taking. Setting yourself apart from the crowd by making bold choices is sure to draw attention. Deliberately wearing mismatched items of clothing can create a unique and interesting outfit.
  • Work with your body-type. Knowing how to emphasize your body type with clothing can be difficult, but it can make or break a truly fashionable streetwear look. Understanding shape and proportion can help you accentuate your features correctly.

Accessories can also help people to build unique looks. Styling a bomber jacket with a patchwork canvas bag or a tailored blazer with some statement jewelry can help to create an eye-catching ensemble. Experimenting with mixing and matching accessories while maintaining a cohesive color scheme can provide unexpected results.

Building a well-curated wardrobe can also help to differentiate street style from just throwing on some random items. Spending time to find pieces that you truly love can help you create and maintain an exquisite style. Furthermore, keeping up to date on new trends is important for finding the right pieces.

As the fashion winds down, and the streets transform back to everyday life, Street Style Fashion Week provided a diverse and inspiring collection of looks from talent all over the world. With creative flair abound, the future looks bright for Street Style Fashion – a bold canvas of culture that gives a face to the modern, trendy cityscape.

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