Street Style Evolution: How the Trend Has Transformed Fashion




From the over-the-top looks of the ‘80s to today’s sleek and minimalist styles, street style has come a long way in transforming the world of fashion. While the bright colors, shoulder pads, and puffed sleeves of the past may be a distant memory, the street style revolution has continued to influence the fashion world in distinct and unexpected ways. Read on to explore the evolution of street style and how it has forever changed the runway-to-retail landscape.

1. From Trendsetter to Trendy – Uncovering the Street Style Evolution

Street fashion is an ever-evolving landscape. As trends come and go, the urge to stay up to date and stylish remains. We’ve all gone through this journey, from trendsetters to trendy. Here’s how the street style evolution played out.

  • The Chic Beginnings: It all began with basic tees, hip-hugging jeans, and classic sneakers. Unusual accessories were all the rage- studded leather belts, bandanas, oversized watches, and statement jewelry- comfortable yet chic outfits perfect for casual Fridays.
  • The Rock Revolution: Those who wanted to channel the “cool” factor went for rock-inspired looks. Think black skinnies, combat boots, and leather jackets combined with vintage tees and band hats. Edginess defined street style.
  • The Street Jazz: As street fashion moved into the 2000s, it brought with it a dash of jazz. Quasi-sophistication was the key element in all the street looks. T-shirts were paired with sports coats, skinny jeans were partnered with dress shoes, and infinity scarves [or neck-ties] made a big statement.
  • The Streetwear Rebellion: Nowadays, streetwear-inspired styles are making a huge impact. Oversized pieces are all the rage, from long coats to oversized graphic tees. Tracksuits, fishnets, and combat boots also add to the mix. The new street style seeks to blend comfort and style with a sense of rebellion.

With street fashion being so endlessly diverse, there are endless options to choose from. From formally stylish to carefree casual and everything in between, street style truly has come a long way.

2. Where Does Street Style Come From?

Street style is a product of the collective tastes and trends circulating among certain societies. Its foundation goes back centuries, with the medieval courts of Europe providing a precursor to modern street fashion. From the extravaganza of 18th century France to the dandyish heights of Victorian England, fashion has been the plaything of certain social circles.

Today, street style is no longer a preserve of the upper classes or aristocrats. Instead, it channels the tastes of ordinary people into the wider gaze of the fashion industry. What was once just a small corner of the marketplace has now become its own multibillion dollar sector.

From the highest reaches of luxury to the most affordable trends, street style has made fashion accessible to everyone. This is partly down to the internet, which now gives us the ability to communicate trends to millions of people within a matter of minutes. This mass transmission of information has allowed smaller, more niche styles to rise to the surface and become the latest trend.

Street style has also been given a further boost by social media, which encourages people to document and share the latest trends. This has spawned a range of street-style-influencers, as well as just everyday people who are willing to express their style without fear of ridicule. These cut through the boundaries of age, gender and geographic location, helping to make street style as global as it is today.

3. A Revolution of Clothing Choices

The fashion industry is undergoing a revolutionary transformation when it comes to clothing choices these days. With shops stocking up various types of clothing each day, literally thousands of options lay at your feet. From traditional kurtas to fun printed t-shirts, nothing is beyond your reach in terms of clothing choices.

A wide range of colors and styles are available with each style adorning your clothing. The versatility of fashion today means you have the chance to pick a dress for a party, or a simple and cool cotton tee for a day of work. Take a look at the options available and you won’t be able to turn away.

The shape and fit of clothes are also changing with unique forms and sizes that suit everyone perfectly. Plus size models are being represented more prominently now, allowing people of all ages, shapes and sizes to find something that fits. It is no longer just a matter of finding something that fits, but
finding something that looks good.

The trend of the moment is custom-made clothes, where you design your own style of clothing and have it tailored to you. You have the control to design, for example, your own dress fit to your specific measurements or even design your own pair of jeans. You can also customize the fabrics, the color, and even choose the pattern for a truly personal look!

4. Street Style’s Impact on Mainstream Fashion

Street Style is Everywhere!

The look and feel of the street has become increasingly influential in recent years, with fast fashion retailers and high-end designers alike tapping into the hottest street styles. From graphic T-shirts and oversized hoodies to corduroy pants and combat boots, street style has infiltrated mainstream fashion in a range of different ways.

In the social media age, it’s easy to see how street style has become increasingly coveted. Influencers and celebrities alike posting pictures of themselves donning street style looks have helped to popularize the culture. And with retailers carrying more and more streetwear-inspired pieces, it’s easier for the everyday person to purchase these stylish garments, helping to further spread the street fashion look.

What’s more, street style has started to influence major fashion weeks too, with unofficial “street” shows popping up to celebrate streetwear looks. At these events, brands tend to focus on simpler designs rather than the overly extravagant ensembles often seen on the runway. This shift has also allowed more everyday people to relate to fashion, showing that style is attainable regardless of wealth or connections.

It’s clear that street style has already changed the way the fashion industry operates and it doesn’t seem like this trend will be slowing down anytime soon. We look forward to seeing what new looks will continue to emerge from the world of street style!

As street style has evolved and diversified, one thing has remained consistent: the fire and influence of the iconic looks of the past. From Twiggy and the Mod Squad to the modern-day influencers, trends may come and go but street style lives on, showing us that fashion is ever-changing and a reflection of our personal identity.

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